Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Very late update on Kids' Spring/Summer Sports 2009: Baseball/Softball and Swimming

These updates are coming later and later -- I wish we could just get ALL of our friends and family on FaceBook -- everything is much easier and is updated weekly there! That means YOU! :-) Our big summer trips and fall/winter activities will come soon too -- I'm just keeping it very brief now. :-) More details on http://www.facebook.com/.

Matt did great his first time in baseball, hitting well (1 homer and several doubles!), but made the most progress on catching and throwing. At the end of the season, he used his trademark speed to actually WIN the Farm League baserunning championship!! I'll see about posting the video....... OK...... It's now at the posted video below: Matt's Baserunning Championship Video!!!

Matt's Farm League Base-Running Championship Video!!!

Sarah joined friends on a very strong girls' softball team, the Lightning, who were undefeated this season. She did great at hitting and catching. Throwing is where she needs the most work, but she made several plays from 2nd and third base, and spent a lot of time playing a very good catcher position! She finished the season by smacking a big TRIPLE past center field her last time at bat!! :-)Finally, both kids continued to advance in gymnastics over the summer/early fall. Sarah can do walkovers and back-standups (I think you call them -- looks cool and freaky!). Matthew is getting REALLY good at handstands, cartwheels (both sides!), and even walks a bit on his hands. Sarah and Matt made HUGE progress in swimming this summer though: Both making it to level 6 on the first try, and Sarah passed level 6 on her first try! Both kids will be ready for swim team/safety training next year, or maybe even diving.

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