Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching up on Late Winter: Jan.-Feb. 2009: Matt and Sarah dominate the courts in Basketball (Really!), and Baseball/Softball Preseason

Matt and Sarah took their grade-level classes in Basketball at the local Community Center after a year off. Matt's been shooting and playing with me so much, that once he developed some confidence after the first couple of weeks, he dominated with great speed, ball-handling, defense, and shooting for the last six weeks of the series.

Matt FLIES down the court even when he's just going for a drink at the faucet!!......

Sarah's not as quick as Matt, but has solid ball-handling and very good shooting skills. She too played point guard most of the time, and was sure to make a fashion statement on the court as well!! :-) Her coach, a high school young lady, called Sarah her MVP, because of her scoring and leadership!! :-)

(Below: Sarah and Michelle with pre-game warmups for Sarah!! :-) )

We also had a family visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo and Solvang for the New Year -- What a flash-back to our 11 years in Santa Barbara!!!
Matt and Daddy had a great time making Matt's first Pinewood Derby car for cubscouts. Of course, Matt had a cool design (inspired by the FLASH, as usual), and named his entry "Fast Bolt".
Nathan enjoyed quartetting and delivering Singing Valentines for the first time in at least 5 years!!.. With great success in supporting the Voices In Harmony chorus -- 16 heartfelt, happy, and often tear-bringing deliveries! It also included delivering a Valentine to my own lovely wife!!
Both kids also started practicing for their first seasons in Baseball (Little League, Farm division for Matt), and SoftBall (Police Activities League, farm divison for Sarah). Both kids were Drafted!! Matt for the Nationals, and Sarah for the Lightning. More to come with game updates and lots of baseball/softball pix in the next blog.

As always, find more frequent updates and more pix by connecting with Michelle's and Nathan's personal accounts on FaceBook!! :-)