Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching Up on May: Sarah's First Communion and 8th Birthday

May began for us with Mother's Day week: Matthew's Kindergarten had their annual "Mom's and Muffins" time with their mommies on Friday morning (Daddy was a helper). Matt and Mommy had a great time enjoying muffins and juice, and reading stories together. Then the weekend began.....

Sarah's big First Communion Mass was Saturday evening, May 10th (hey, wasn't that our 11th Anniversary too!??.... we hardly noticed). She looked gorgeous in her white dress, and posing with Fr. Jim (our Pastor Emeritus). We're very proud to have her as a more active participant in the Mass and as a more active member of God's community :-). Matt was pretty anxious to get out of the Church and run around outside.

Finally, Sarah had a very fun skating party on her birthday on the 31st. She had lots of friends (and their parents!) in attendance, and all had fun skating (or at least trying to skate) around the rink. Her cake was once again by Misha and Nate of NorCal (a Littlest Pet Shop-styled Peacock)....... :-)

Both kids continue to do well in gymnastics too, and we've all been excited to watch the Lakers in the playoffs.

We'll be back soon with June updates so far.....