Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dec. 2008: Christmas at our Own Home! Gymnastics highlights, and Lakers Game!

December was very busy and fun this year! Finishing their second full-year of gymnastics, School Christmas performances, Daddy's holiday concert with Voices in Harmony, and decorating our own House and tree for the Holidays kept us very busy, and made for a very exciting time! The kids loved having Santa come to OUR OWN HOUSE for the first time this year!!

.... Oh, and Matt lost his first tooth (surprisingly!!) early in the month. We're STILL waiting for a second tooth to loosen!....

After Christmas, it was off to Los Angeles county to visit G'ma and G'pa Staples for their 61st Anniversary, and to see Aunt Nancy, Uncle Brent, cousins Alyssa and Corrynn, and of course little cousin/grandnephew (!) Tucker!
Daddy and Matthew went to Matt's first LAKER and first NBA game at the STAPLES Center (where else!!??), and Matt had a GREAT time seeing Kobe, Pau and Derek!! Andrew Bynum was still healthy too, and had some big dunks against the Warriors. It was also great to see former Laker, Ronny Turiaf, now on the Golden State Warriors (close to where we now live!).

We finished December with Daddy's "Iron Man" Birthday party and lots of family fun at Aunt Nancy's house and the nearby park. It's very humbling when a SIX-year old like ours can make you run your rear-end off just to keep a lead! I sure hope he joins the track team when he's older!

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