Sunday, April 6, 2008

Matthew's 6th Birthday

Last night was Matt's 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. He and 10 of his kindergarten friends had great fun playing games, and goofing around in front of the stage-area video camera (which put them all on-screen!). He enjoyed the birthday theme of his favorite new cartoon (and Playstation video game), "Ben 10". His cake, showing Ben's alien-DNA-powered Omnitrix and a few of his alien hero alter-egos, was once again created by chef Michelle (AKA, Mommy) and confection designer, Nate (AKA, Daddy).

Today, we spent a fun afternoon as a family at California's Great America, just a few miles from our house (Daddy's first time, since we moved here almost 4 years ago). Sarah even went on a her first big, inverted roller coaster, The Demon! We also met Aang, from Matt and Daddy's favorite cartoon series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" -- along with many other Nickelodeon characters.

** In other news: Matt is doing great, having fun, and reading well above his class level in kindergarten. He likes math too! Sarah continues to excel at the top of her class.

Sarah and Matt both will advance to the next level in Gymnastics this month. Sarah will begin level 3, and Matt will begin level 1 (advancing from "Tumbler" level 2). As we expected, Matt is a total natural, and could do everything his teachers asked him to do the first time he tried! He needs to improve a bit on steadying his hand stands, and has even begun work on the rings and pommel horse! Sarah is working hard on uneven bars, especially on her "back hip circles".